Defending Democracy with Informed Community Action in WNC

Scott Donaldson (D)

11th District Candidate

Candidate Background

Dr Donaldson has been a Urological Surgeon in Hendersonville since 2002. Prior to that he worked in Burlington NC, Raleigh, New Orleans and New Zealand. These experiences have introduced him to a vast array of medical climates, personalities, and opportunities to serve. Each of these settings have had a lasting impact on how and why health and wellness mean so much to him.



Candidate Message

As a doctor I’ve devoted my entire life to caring for people. I’ve seen the struggles of hardworking families of North Carolina–their American Dream is on life support. Their health and well being are under constant siege: wages stay low, healthcare costs rise, a college education is affordable, and even drinking water is contaminated. I’m running for Congress because I believe health promotes wealth. Health care is the first, and actually easiest, of many problems we can solve. As a surgeon I find solutions to emergency problems and as a leader I help my colleagues work towards a common goal–which we all know is a near impossible task today in Washington.

Scott Donaldson on the Issues

1- Preservation of American Democracy


2- The Environment

For the past 100 years, this nation and this world has seen tremendous progress due to energy produced by the burning of fossil fuels. It is time to begin a transition away from fossil fuels of all forms and transition to a more sustainable and eco-friendly production of energy. Fossil fuels into the near future will always be a part of our energy production, but that role must decrease.

The climate of this world is changing, that is without question. As the leader of the free world I believe it is imperative America continues to study these changes (Paris Climate Accord) such that we can make changes in our behavior and our national policies. Just because some choose to deny the world’s climate is changing, doesn’t mean they are correct. Science is a process, time and data give us information that could save our lives and point us in a better direction.

This Congress and president have little regard for the national treasures we call our Parks and forests. We are seeing clear cutting of forests without replanting in the places I frequent (North Mills River, Wash Creek). The reason for this deforestation, instead of selective harvesting for example, is that the Forest Service is being starved of financial resources in order to pay for our growing national debt and military entanglements.
The closest inhabitable planet is some 7000 light years away and were not even sure it’s habitable. Certainly cable TV is not available and there is no internet…so who wants to live there. This is the only planet we have been given and this is the nation we’ve been entrusted to protect. We must preserve both. Our children’s survival depends upon it.

3- Gun Violence

90% of Americans polled believe it is time for reasonable gun laws to be put into place. Say again, 90% of us agree. Reasonable gun laws include back ground checks, waiting periods for purchase, closing of loop holes, taking guns from known criminals, elimination of bump stocks, high capacity magazines and the like. While mental health plays a role in all of this, in large studies only ~20% of those involved in mass shootings have what we would consider mental health problems and few of those were on the radar’s of the police force. I resent the singling out of the mentally ill as a reason to not do background checks, waiting times and other reasonable and widely agreed upon sensible gun laws.

Our CDC (Center for Disease Control) which studies all medical and health related issues including car wrecks, airplane fatalities all the way to yearly and cyclical common flu, has been precluded from studying gun violence. Data hurts no-one and gun violence information would give citizens more information before they decide to purchase and how they should properly store weapons of any form.

Giving guns to teachers is non-sensible at best. Middle aged teachers asked to teach algebra and at the same time be constantly available and vigilant to defend students with lethal
force and at the same time ensure they do not injure or kill those same students they are attempting to defend. It makes more sense to me that we make sensible changes to our present gun laws to make these weapons less accessible to those likely to harm others.


4- Immigration

Since George H.W. Bush, Congress has been struggling with immigration and have made no progress. Most illegal immigrants are Visa overstayers from countries that do not border our country. Those illegal immigrants arrived via airplane, they did not walk. Presently there is a net migration across our border back into Mexico and other Hispanic nations. More importantly, hispanic immigrants have become part of the fabric of our nation. Our children and grand children are marrying those of Hispanic origin. As from the beginning of our nation, immigrants are becoming the very fabric of this “American Experiment”. As from the very beginning of this experiment, those here first resist the integration of these new arrivals.

DREAMERS must be protected, this is their home. Those who immigrated earlier and would be considered illegal, must be given a pathway to citizenship.


5- Health Care

Healthcare is my every day job. I am seeing daily more and more people who do not have access to healthcare. When people do not have access to healthcare, they die. When people do not have the perceived access to health care, in other words, if their deductible is 15,000$, they delay care and some of those die.

We must get to a single payor system similar to Medicare, just for all of us. Some would say we have a broken health care system, I say you must have a health care system in order for it to be broken. We have no health care system,. The American system is, get what you can and hold on and who cares about the rest.

We need a system that covers all of us regardless of our financial status. In every nation wherein there is a single payor health care system, those people live longer and the costs are less. There is currently 3.5 Trillion dollars in the American Health Care Industrial Complex. That is plenty money to cover all of us, the problem is, the money is in all the wrong pockets.


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