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Mark Meadows (R)

11th District Encumbent

Mark Meadows on the Issues

1- Preservation of American Democracy

Meadows believes there is no evidence of collusion between the Trump Campaign and Russia. He has said that the Mueller investigation is an "aimless and fruitless investigation into accusations of collusion between the Russian government and 2016 Trump presidential campaign. There is nothing there."

Meadows is fed up with Jeff Sessions, and has called for his removal, blaming him for exposing the President to rogue actions by law enforcement officials.

Meadows pushed hard for the release of the Nunes Memo.

Meadows wants a second special counsel to investigate alleged abuses at the FBI and DOJ.

2- The Environment

Meadows praised Trump for withdrawing from the Paris Accords. In December 2016, Meadows presented a wish list of regulations to Trump that must be repealed. This wish list included the demand to get rid of all federal funding to study climate change and to stop the prohibition of drilling oil on federal lands.


3- Gun Violence

Meadows is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and accepts money from the NRA. He does not believe that gun control is the answer. He introduced two bills to enhance school security: one bill would provide 1.5 billion dollars for school resource officers ("SRO's") and the other bill would allow veterans to serve as SRO's.

4- Immigration

For Meadows, immigration reform would entail building the wall, ending chain migration and stopping the visa lottery. Meadows believes that illegal immigration puts a strain on the nation's resources, displaces US workers, threatens national security and makes a mockery of the US judicial system. He wants to secure our borders, strengthen workplace enforcement, implement effective visa tracking capabilities and crackdown on illegal immigration.


5- Health Care

Meadows would replace Obamacare. He supports market based solutions to health insurance.


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