Defending Democracy with Informed Community Action in WNC

Success is going from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.

— Abraham Lincoln

Free Press/Media Action Team

The Free Press/Media Action Team has a vision of America as a place where citizens are informed and therefore able to engage in the process of self governance.  We want to help this country become a place where no one is afraid to speak truth to power.

Our mission is to increase public media literacy and access to information, promote journalistic integrity, and protect the constitutional right to accurate information about the world in which we live.

Our strategies include organizing and promoting educational events, organizing and attending rallies, and lobbying legislators to protect the free press.

Actions we have taken so far include the promotion of talks on the importance of the media for a healthy democracy as well as postcard and telephone campaigns urging our legislators to support free speech, truth in politics,  honest media, and an open Internet.

If you are interested in learning more, you can reach us at


  • Defending 1st Amendment
  • Supporting Good Journalism
  • Open Internet & Social Media
  • Fake News, Propaganda, & Other BS


  • Creating and promoting educational opportunities within our community
  • Campaigning
  • Demonstrating

Tell the FCC not to kill Net Neutrality

FCC Chair Ajit Pai - a former Verizon lawyer - is about to let his corporate Internet pals roll out "fast lanes" for sites & apps that pay, and slow everything else to a crawl. Giant monopolies could control the Internet, forever. To stop him, we have to flood the FCC with comments.
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Keep Calling Against New Version of Healthcare Bill

Despite overwhelming opposition and a failed attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA), House Republicans are now working to get enough votes to pass Trumpcare with an amendment – the MacArthur/Meadows Amendment, co-sponsored by our own District 11 Representative Mark Meadows – that makes a bad bill even worse. If passed, the MacArthur/Meadows version…
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Defending First Amendment

This focus group works to defend and promote the American right to free speech in a political climate where it is not just more important than ever, but more threatened than ever.

First Action Plan:  President Trump is using his elected office to abridge the freedom of the press, in violation of his oath of office.  Members of Congress also have taken an oath to support the Constitution.

  • Please send postcards, make phone calls, and write emails to your elected representatives to denounce the un-American assault on our First Amendment rights.
  • Example: "Banning media from a press conference? Make DEMOCRACY great again. Speak out and defend our First Amendment Rights."

Supporting Good Journalism

This focus group works to recognize and promote journalistic integrity, and to advance the needs of a healthy free press.

Action in the works.  Check back for more soon.

Open Internet & Social Media

This focus group works to increase public awareness about the importance of an open internet, as well as to preserve and promote public access to information.

Actions in the works.

  • Current Action: Flood the FCC with comments about their plan to gut Net Neutrality.  Log onto the FCC site and post your thoughts concerning their impending assault on our Open Internet.
  • Upcoming:  Producing a video explaining the urgency of public support for Net Neutrality, as well as what it is for those who don't know yet.
  • For now, watch this:
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Fake News, Propaganda, & BS

This focus group aims to combat the spread of false information and prevent the detrimental effects that an environment full of "alternative facts" has on democracy.

First Action Plan:  We need to fight the effects of the Trump Administration's disinformation campaign, both on our own psyches and on the behaviors of our legislators.

  • Write postcards and emails highlighting individual false statements made by the White House Administration and/or legislators.
  • Every time you hear or read falsehoods, write that particular quote (or a summary) on a postcard and underneath it write “THIS IS NOT NORMAL”.
  • Example: "On January 30, 2017, Kellyanne Conway stated 'Here's the fact: The No. 1 source of income into Mexico are Mexicans working here and sending the money back,' which is patently untrue.  THIS IS NOT NORMAL."