Defending Democracy with Informed Community Action in WNC

You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.

— Abraham Lincoln

Economic Justice Action Team

The Economic Justice Action Team seeks to defend and protect the values of inclusion, tolerance and fairness, and to preserve existing programs and regulations that foster economic stability for all. We are dedicated to blocking government actions that promote inequality and strip away much needed worker and consumer protections. We seek an economy that works for everyone.

Our group cares deeply about a wide range of progressive issues, and while we don't believe that defensive congressional advocacy is the only activity we should do, we believe that focusing on our own Members of Congress - and what they are doing right now - is the highest value way to lobby your representatives, which makes it a strong defense against the Trump agenda.

The Economic Justice Action Team welcomes new members and guests at our meetings. If you are interested in attending a meeting or learning more about our team, you can reach us at


  • Housing

  • Consumer Protection / Financial Regulations

  • Jobs / Wages

  • Government Benefits


  • Monitor proposed legislation at the state and federal level that impact our focus areas of interest.
  • Advocate for and defend policies and regulations at the local, state and national level that promote a just and sustainable economy that works for all people.
  • Coordinate office visits and email and phone campaigns to communicate with our local Members of Congress about timely issues.
  • Collaborate with established local and state groups on policy advocacy.


Call as if your life depended on it! It does.

The Senate is voting on their awful health care bill tomorrow – and this could be our best chance to stop it once and for all. If this vote passes, Congress will be on its way to stripping away coverage and severely hiking costs for older Americans. We must do everything in our power to stop it today. Even if you’ve called before, Sen. Burr and Sen. Tillis need to hear from you today, before they vote. Call (202) 224-3121 right now, and tell them to stand up for you and kill this higher-cost, less-coverage bill, once and for all.
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We recognize the importance of policies to promote access to safe and affordable housing.

Consumer Protection / Financial Regulations

We recognize the need to protect consumers from high risk and predatory financial practices while also ensuring stability for the U.S. economy.

Jobs / Wages

We recognize the need to protect and promote fair wages and sustainable job creation and training.

Government Benefits

We believe in preserving public assistance programs that provide needed support to vulnerable populations and help lift people out of poverty.