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Letters to the Editor: Trump’s Fake National Emergency

The national Indivisible Project recently published an update on the #FakeEmergency, which included an excellent Letter To the Editor guide we thought we’d reprint here. Letters to the Editor might not seem like the flashiest way to get your member of Congress’s attention. But there’s something about a sharp Letter to the Editor in a…

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Pass a Resolution to Stop the Fake Emergency

Trump has declared a Fake Emergency in order to bypass Congress and take unauthorized funds for his racist, unnecessary wall. (Read more here, including public statements from our MOCs.) Our Constitution lays out clear separation of powers, and the President does NOT have the power to appropriate funds. Congress has an obligation to check Executive…

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Where They Stand: Your MoCs on Trumps Fake Emergency

When the president lost his battle for a wall with Congress and the American people, he jeopardized the constitutional balance of powers by declaring a fake state of emergency in order to bypass Congress. In a real state of emergency, the president would be able to take funds from already funded areas and not wait…

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