To give victory to the right, not bloody bullets, but peaceful ballots only, are necessary.

— Abraham Lincoln

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Actions and Events

Each week we need to contact our representatives and remind them what we think is important.

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What YOU can do to help...

By writing, calling and showing up at your MoC's (Member of Congress) offices, you can let them know what you care about.

Phone Calls

Calling your Members of Congress is an easy and effective way to get your message to them quickly. Use a script or speak from the heart. Find your MoCs >

Writing Letters

Writing a letter to your MoC allows you to create a carefully thought out and targeted message. Focus on a single topic or issue, and keep the letter fairly short. Say who you are, be factual, and ask for a response. Try to be a bit formal. More at:

Show up in Person

Nothing beats showing up in person. Go with a group, take your signs, cameras, smartphones, and let them know what you think. Record video if they are not there... and post it online. It never happened if it doesn't get recording... and doesn't make it online or in the news.

Share Online

Share your ideas, your interests, and your views online. Get your ideas out... and see the return of ideas back to you. Record conversations with your MoC, and others. Stay safe online, by practicing some simple privacy and security rules.