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Freedom to Vote Act Daily Action: Ban Partisan Gerrymandering

November 11

ymanderDuring this week’s Senate recess, we’re joining with people all over the country in a coordinated #TimeToAct Week of Action, to call attention to the urgency of changing the filibuster and passing the Freedom to Vote Act now.

Day 4: Ban Partisan Gerrymandering

Today’s action focuses on something North Carolinians are all too familiar with: ending partisan gerrymandering and ensuring fair maps. Politicians should never be allowed to choose their voters, as is done in North Carolina. Just last week, the GOP-led state redistricting committee passed into law maps that will turn a 50/50 voter split into a minimum 70/30 win for Republicans. This cannot continue. Added: On this last day of our Freedom to Vote Act week of action we’re focusing on the section of the act that will make it easier and more uniform to recruit nonpartisan poll and election workers and will help protect them from hyper-partisan threats.

The Freedom to Vote act will prohibit partisan gerrymandering in all 50 states. This is essential for creating fair maps. The For the People Act’s Redistricting Reform Act provides for Independent Redistricting Commissions (“IRCs”) — a voter-centric reform to ensure that district boundaries are not beholden to any political party. IRCs create a fairer process by taking redistricting out of the hands of legislators and establishing national standards for commission membership and for drawing district maps. We cannot keep allowing politicians to create maps that don’t reflect the communities they represent.


Choose from any or all of the following:

  • Download and share this graphic on social media, using the hashtags #TimeToAct, #FreedomToVoteAct, and #FairMaps. On Twitter, be sure to tag Senators Tillis and Burr @SenThomTillis and @SenatorBurr.
  • Call and email Sen. Thom Tillis (202-224-6342) & call and email Sen. Richard Burr (202-224-3154). Tell them you support fair maps and an END to partisan gerrymandering, and they should, too. Tell them their No vote on the Freedom to Vote Act last month was a vote against fair maps, and their constituents in North Carolina are already suffering the consequences.
  • Write a letter to the editor, stating why it’s important that we establish a federal requirement for independent state redistricting commissions. Call out Senators Burr and Tillis for their votes AGAINST the For the People Act in June and AGAINST the Freedom to Vote Act in October, both of which would have prevented the partisan gerrymanders our state lawmakers just enacted. Call on the Senate to yypass the Freedom to Vote Act now to stop this assault on our democracy.

Sample Tweets & Posts

The #FreedomToVoteAct prohibits partisan gerrymandering by requiring that every state use independent nonpartisan commissions to draw voting maps – not sitting lawmakers. Pass the #FreedomToVoteAct now!

North Carolinians have suffered long enough under unfair partisan gerrymandering. NC voters deserve #FairMaps! We can end gerrymandering in every state by passing the #FreedomToVoteAct. The Senate must change the filibuster & pass the #FreedomToVoteAct now. #TimeToAct

NC @SenThomTillis and @SenatorBurr voted AGAINST protecting NC voters from partisan gerrymandering. Both voted NO on the #ForThePeopleAct & the #FreedomToVoteAct, which would have given us #FairMaps. NC deserves better. Pass the #FreedomToVoteAct now!

The Senate should step up & ban partisan gerrymandering everywhere. Change the filibuster & pass the #FreedomToVoteAct. It’s #TimeToAct!



November 11
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