Defending Democracy with Informed Community Action in WNC

Congress Watch

Sign Now: Make the Mueller Report Public!

Sign this petition to Senators Tillis and Burr, urging them to take action to make the Mueller Report public. Then join us Wednesday afternoon, March 27, at 12:30 pm, as we deliver a stack of petitions to Sen. Tillis’s office at the Historic Courthouse Square in Hendersonville. The petition states simply: “Americans have the right…

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Where They Stand: Your MoCs on Trumps Fake Emergency

When the president lost his battle for a wall with Congress and the American people, he jeopardized the constitutional balance of powers by declaring a fake state of emergency in order to bypass Congress. In a real state of emergency, the president would be able to take funds from already funded areas and not wait…

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It’s time for the Trump Shutdown to End

The government partially shut down on December 22 and we’re now rapidly approaching one of the longest shutdowns in history. This shutdown has led to: 450,000 federal employees working without pay. 380,000 federal workers furloughed. Possible delays during the upcoming tax season. Imminent evictions in at least 1,150 HUD-assisted apartment buildings. Delays to federal mortgage…

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Sign a New Year’s Resolution for Your Rep!

  Help us kick off the New Year and the new Congress by signing a New Year’s Resolution for your rep! The first bill in the new House—H.R.1: Strengthening our Democracy—includes Voter Empowerment and Access Reforms this country badly needs, especially here in North Carolina. So we’re signing individual New Year’s Resolution Requests urging our reps to…

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National Indivisible Day of Action Jan 3

The First 100 Days refers to the period when the new Congress sets its agenda priorities for the next two years. Because of the Blue Wave we generated during this election, this time it will be a Democratic agenda. And because of the power our movement has built, we have an opportunity to influence that agenda. So…

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