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Community Conversations

Friend to Friend Voter Outreach 

You can get out the vote just by talking to your own friends, neighbors, and co-workers. Join us for training on using the Empower App on January 21. 

The Community Conversations approach (also called Relational Organizing or friend to friend outreach) is highly effective.

We are much more likely to reach voters and get them to the polls when a friend, neighbor or co-worker contacts them. Research by the Analyst Institute shows that by using the Community Conversations approach we have an 84% likelihood of reaching the voter we are trying to contact, the highest connection rate of any voter outreach method.

This method can increase voter turnout 6%-10%, and is especially important for reaching voters that are often not on traditional voter outreach lists (such as those used by the political parties) -- younger voters, voters of color, lower-income voters, and other voters whose phone number and address may be unlisted.

How to Get Started with Your Community Conversations 

Indivisible AVL will meet once per month to provide training on using the Empower phone app to reach progressive voters in your own social networks and to help you get started. Once you can started, you can use this app to do effective voter outreach anytime and from anywhere! Indivisible AVL will send you prompts, scripts, reminders and other important information through the app. Schedule of monthly meetings here.

If you are interested in gathering a group of friends or neighbors to use the Empower app, please contact Katie Russell at empower@indivisibleavl.org.

Gather Monthly to Keep Up Your Momentum

Come back on the third Tuesday of each month to work together on reaching progressive voters who have sporadic voting history. Bring a friend!