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Canvassing Gets Out the Vote 

Canvassing is a Proven Strategy

Door-to-door canvassing is a proven strategy for giving voters the information and motivation they need to go to the polls. Studies show that canvassing increases voter turnout 15% or more among less reliable voters.  Data from Flip NC, a progressive group in Durham, shows that just leaving materials for voters when canvassing increasing voter turnout by 4%-6%.

Indivisible Will Canvass Progressive Voters Every Month in 2020 

In 2020 Indivisible AVL volunteers will canvass progressive Buncombe voters on the 2nd Sunday of each month. Check out our schedule here.

We will focus on "low-propensity" voters, who don't vote in every election. In Buncombe County there are more than 40,000 progressive, low-propensity voters. By having conversations with them through canvassing we can get enough progressive voters to the polls to shape big 2020 races.

Canvassing Is Fun & Easy

Join us to talk with voters about issues that matter to them and to give them important information about NC's new voter ID law, new districts for local, state and national races, early voting, and polling place details.

We will provide training before each monthly Canvass, along with easy scripts. We'll send canvassing volunteers out in pairs to have easy and impactful conversations with local voters.