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One-on-One Outreach Gets Out the Vote 

Note: We initially planned for the Direct Voter Outreach component of our 2020 Voter Engagement Campaign to be door-to-door canvassing. With the necessity of shifting to online outreach, our doorstep conversations have shifted to phones, in what we call "virtual canvassing." The need remains, and our campaign continues. We're just doing it from the safety of our homes.

"Virtual Canvassing" Works!

Meeting voters one-on-one for meaningful conversations is a proven strategy, giving voters the information and motivation they need to go to the polls. Studies show that door-to-door canvassing increases voter turnout 15% or more among less reliable voters.  While door-to-door canvassing has long been considered one of the most effective ways of mobilizing voters, recent research has documented that personalized messages delivered in a conversational manner over the phone may be as effective as canvassing. (Source: Yale Institution for Social and Policies Studies)

We will continue reaching out to voters in Buncombe County, focusing on "low-propensity" voters, those who don't vote in every election. In Buncombe County there are more than 40,000 progressive, low-propensity voters. By having meaningful conversations with them through monthly phone banking events, we can get enough progressive voters to the polls to shape big 2020 races.

Phone Outreach Is Fun & Easy

We're continuing to talk with voters about issues that matter to them, and we will also make sure they have current info about voting access, vote-by-mail options, early voting, new districts for local, state and national races, and more.

Using the easy ThruTalk platform, we are able to reach hundreds of voters during each monthly session without hang-ups, voice mail or answering machines. At each session we provide training in the ThruTalk app, including use of an easy-to-follow online script. All you need is access to a computer and headset, or simply a cell phone, and the user-friendly ThruTalk system takes it from there.

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