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Let's All Vote!

Want to see big change in 2020? 

Join our year-long voter engagement campaign to get progressive voters to the polls and change the direction of our state and our nation in November 2020! Check out the full schedule of events here.

TOGETHER we will turn things around!

Research shows that person-to-person connections are the key to getting voters to the polls. Indivisible AVL is coordinating two strategies for one-on-one voter outreach: Direct voter outreach (one-on-one contact with sporadic voters) and friend-to-friend connections (conversations with your own friends and neighbors).

Talking to Progressive Voters

Once a Month (upcoming schedule here)
Online training & phone banking

No experience needed! For each month's outreach we provide training and everything you need, including an easy-to-use app. Initially a day of door-to-door canvassing, our COVID-time adaptation is an online "virtual canvass," giving everyone a chance to get involved. We're using the ThruTalk technology to reach out by phone and engage sporadic voters in Buncombe County. Find the date and location of the next virtual canvass here and sign up today!


Once a Month (upcoming schedule here)
Online training & support

Come learn how to use the easy Empower phone app to connect with voters in your own social network. Each month's open session provides training, app setup, conversational pointers, suggestions and support, so you'll be ready to follow up with your friends and family whenever, wherever and however you choose. We're also available to bring the training to your group or organization. Email rvp@indivisibleavl.org to arrange a time.

We Know What Works to Get Voters to the Polls

  • Direct Voter Outreach - Join us for our "virtual canvass" events every month, when we visit by phone with progressive voters to find out what they care about, make sure they have information about voter ID and election dates/times, and encourage them to go to the polls in November.
  • Community Conversations with the Empower App - We will share an easy-to-use phone app that will allow you to have impactful conversations with people you know (friends, neighbors, co-workers) to get out the vote.

Does talking to voters sound intimidating? It’s really not hard! We will provide training and scripts for phone banking and community conversations, and you will be talking with voters who share similar concerns and values-- no need to convince anyone of anything other than to get out and VOTE!

We’re talking to voters who are concerned about health care, economic justice, climate change, racial equity, the rights of women, immigrant rights and more.

Need proof that it works?

Flip NC, a voter engagement organization based in Durham, increased turnout among “low-propensity” (unlikely to vote) progressive voters by 16% through canvassing efforts. Even when voters weren’t home to talk with canvassers, leaving literature for them increased voter turnout by 4-6%. Their work was key to electing progressive candidates in several NC House districts that had never before had progressive representation.

NC Wins, a coalition of grassroots groups in North Carolina, notes that there are enough progressive voters in Buncombe County to shape the results in key NC races -- the US Senate race, our Governor's race and even the Presidential race. We just have to get voters to the polls!

If we all work at this, we truly can MAKE CHANGE! So join us! Find the next Virtual Canvass and Community Conversations date here and sign up today!

Note: Since all events are online now, you will receive a meeting login and instructions after normal registration.

Are you registered? If not...