Call In or Show Up to Stand with Bojangles Workers

On November 6th, thirteen Bojangles workers in Burnsville, NC went on a week-long strike. There had been a COVID outbreak at this location and the company was not listening to or supporting workers in coping with it.

Once the workers were on strike, the company responded with various anti-union tactics, including retaliation directed at the striking workers and not listening to or considering their demands.

After several more weeks of inaction by the company, Bojangles workers went on another week-long strike ahead of the Thanksgiving Day Holiday.

The company continues to refuse to consider workers’ demands.

Three ways you can support this effort:

1. Show up for direct action support. The organizers of this campaign are planning a “Pack the Drive-Thru” in the evening on Thursday, December 16, at local Bojangles locations in Asheville and Buncombe, Henderson, and Haywood Counties. All you need is a car. Sign up here to support this in-person advocacy effort.

2. Call Bojangles Headquarters (Number and directions below). Tell them to meet the workers’ demands which include the following:

  • $15 an hour wage and the right to join a union without interference
  • A written COVID-19 policy
  • Paid sick leave/time off for all workers quarantining because of COVID-19 exposure
  • All COVID-19 testing paid for or reimbursed by Bojangles
  • Deep cleaning and sanitization by a professional cleaning service
  • End to retaliation faced by employees for going on strike

Call 828-827-5532 today! You’ll hear a recording with a quick overview of what is happening at Bojangles, a short script that you can use, and then you will be connected to Bojangles headquarters. Please dial 1 and then 5 to file a “customer complaint” with your message.

3. Spread the word on social media. Click here for the Digital Toolkit with graphics and sample posts you can share.


The Racial Justice Coalition supports efforts toward collective liberation and economic justice for all people. Raise Up NC, North Carolina’s branch of the Fight for $15 and a Union, is reaching out to our community to participate in a timely and vital campaign centered on the Burnsville, NC Bojangles franchise.