Community Reparations Commission Asks For More Time

Community Reparations Commission’s (CRC) officially requested an eight-month extension on their timeline. There is a list of reasons why the Reparations Commission needs more time than was originally allotted to them.

  • Their requests for data from the City and County were delayed by many months.
  • They have had inconsistent and insufficient project management support.
  • They don’t have the results of the Stop the Harm audit yet.
  • Deep and targeted engagement of the Black community around Reparations hasn’t happened yet.
  • The strongest rationale for an extension is the vast scope of work with which the reparations commission has been charged.

City staff are saying they have a “workable plan” to wrap up the Commission’s work in June, only a two-month extension, but have so far not disclosed any details. Not only have they not shared this plan publicly, they haven’t even shared it with members of the CRC.

The City Council should stand with the CRC on this question, and make it clear that the CRC has the City’s full support for the additional time they need to complete their work successfully.

Join the RJC in reaching out to the Asheville City Council and City Manager today, asking them to approve the CRC’s request. If you’ve already written to City leadership over the past week, it’s time to write to them again, and the County leadership as well, as the CRC has still not gotten the response to which they’re entitled. Let’s make sure they do.

Click here for more information and an email template you can personalize and send today.