Ask Gov. Cooper to VETO Anti-Voter Bill S725

Senate Bill 725, part of an insidious policy package aimed at eroding decades of voter freedoms, has finally reached Governor Cooper’s desk. This bill would undermine North Carolinians ability to safely cast their ballot, particularly in emergencies and PARTICULARLY in small and rural counties across the state.

Thanks to your efforts, Gov. Cooper vetoed Senate Bill 326 this week. Will you ask him to once again do the right thing and REJECT the harmful S725?

If enacted, S725 would block county boards of elections from accepting grant funding from nonprofit organizations, something nearly every county in North Carolina was able to do during the 2020 Election, making voting safe and accessible. Cutting off badly needed funding without suggesting any sort of alternative is an appalling disservice to our local election administrators and to voters.

Take Action now and demand Governor Cooper veto SB 725, ensuring every North Carolinian has access to the ballot box.