National Indivisible Day of Action Jan 3

The First 100 Days refers to the period when the new Congress sets its agenda priorities for the next two years. Because of the Blue Wave we generated during this election, this time it will be a Democratic agenda. And because of the power our movement has built, we have an opportunity to influence that agenda.

So on the first day of this new Congress, Indivisible groups all over the country will show up at representatives’ district offices to say, “Whose House? Our House!” We will make a big, bold, united statement, reminding our reps that we are here, we are paying attention, and we will hold them accountable.

The first major legislative effort in this new Democratically-controlled House is expected to be a Democracy Reform Package (H.R.1), focused on strengthening everyone’s right to vote and to have their vote count, stemming the tide of big money in politics, and rooting out corruption at all levels of government—including the White House.

We’ll be posting details on the National Day of Action soon. So stay tuned!