WNC Tax Scam Protests

Text that says Trump Tax Scam Rapid ResponseWe are joining with other Indivisible groups in Western NC to present a coordinated series of non-violent public protests against the #TrumpTaxScam:

* Asheville (Mon 12/04) – Vance Monument – 5:00 pm
* Hickory (Tues 12/05) – Union Square – 5:30 pm
* Black Mountain (Wed 12/06) – Rep. Patrick McHenry’s Office – 12:00 noon

Hundreds of thousands of people across the country are rising up in protest over the next few days. Join us Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in three towns across Western North Carolina, as we unite against this immoral plan.

Bring signs and props and costumes with messaging related to the #TrumpTaxScam bill or tax-related topics, such as:

  • Items that are no longer tax deductible, such as classroom supplies
  • Sample tuition amounts for grad students that will now be taxable
  • Loss of healthcare coverage under the ACA 

#TrumpTaxScam Facts

The disastrous tax bill the Republicans just rushed through Congress will have serious consequences for millions of Americans for years to come. They have essentially mortgaged our future, our healthcare, our retirement, and our country’s fiscal health, for the sake of tax giveaways to the rich and big business.

In North Carolina alone, 408,000 people would lose health insurance and 741,900 families would see a tax increase under this plan.

The modest tax cuts for working families and the middle class expire in just a few years, while the massive cuts to the super rich and big corporations remain permanent. The result: A whopping deficit of $1.4 trillion over the next 10 years. They claim a portion will ‘pay for itself’ through a boost in the economy, but even the best-case analysis leaves a $1 TRILLION deficit to deal with.

How do they plan to pay for it?

  • Cuts to Medicare – $25 BILLION slashed in 2018, for starters
  • Cuts to Social Security
  • Cuts to healthcare – 13 million Americans losing healthcare
  • Cuts to individual tax deductions
  • Followed in just a few years by tax hikes for the middle class, while tax cuts for the rich remain permanent

For more on the 3-day #TrumpTaxScam Rapid Response, see https://www.facebook.com/events/1782103401862254/

Presented in cooperation with Indivisible Black Mountain, Indivisible Citizens of Catawba Valley, Madison County Indivisible, and Progressive Democrats Resistance Group (McDowell Co.)