Text & Call NOW To Stop The Tax Scam

Close-up photo of two people's hands texting on phonesUrgent

The Senate tax bill is out of committee and its backers are trying to push it through right now.

Under this disastrous plan, $1.4 TRILLION would be added to the deficit, 13 million Americans would lose healthcare coverage, 87 million families will see their taxes go UP, while permanent tax breaks are handed out to millionaires and wealthy corporations.

In North Carolina alone:

  • 408,000 people would lose health insurance
  • 741,900 middle class families would actually see a tax increase

What You Need To Do Now


Use Resistbot to send a personal letter directly to the DC offices of Senators Burr and Tillis. Resistbot is a free tool that works entirely through your phone’s text messaging app. It’s easy, effective, and fast: (1) Text “resist” to 50409. (2) Type in your name and address. (3) Type your message, however long or short, urging your senator to vote NO on this bill. Resistbot takes it from there, and your message arrives as a professionally formatted faxed letter. (Detailed instructions here.)


State your complete name and where you live, then tell them to vote NO on this disastrous bill. If you get voice mail, leave a detailed message. If the mailbox is full, call back in half an hour.

Sen. Richard Burr’s DC Office – (202) 224-3154

Sen. Thom Tillis’s DC Office – (202) 224-6342


Don’t let up. Get friends to write and call. Remind these senators they work for you.