Senate Tax Scam Vote This Week: Call Now!

Now’s the time to double down hard. The Senate’s gearing up to vote this week on a disastrous tax bill. This isn’t “tax reform.” It’s a tax scam, providing tax cuts for the wealthy at the expense of our communities. The tax plan currently in the Senate is all about trade-offs: One millionaire’s tax cuts are paid for by the rest of us in the form of reduced services. Read here for specifics on what we would lose to provide handouts to the rich:

In North Carolina alone, 408,000 people would lose health insurance and 741,900 families would see a tax increase.

The Senate is expected to vote on the Motion to Proceed (a pre-vote vote) as early as Wednesday, November 29, and they could take a final vote as early as Friday, December 1.

We’ll be focusing on this at this week’s Beer & Politics, so drop by Wednesday evening, Nov. 29, and join us as we make a big push to write and fax and text and call. If you can’t make it Wednesday, CALL AND WRITE – every day if you can:

Sen. Richard Burr – (DC Office): 202-224-3154
Natasha Hickman, Chief of Staff:

Sen. Thom Tillis – (DC Office): 202-224-6342
Towers Mingledorff, Legislative Assistant:

We can’t get complacent. Now more than ever we have to make some noise, show up, and speak out. We have to put pressure on Senators Burr and Tillis and let them know their constituents say NO TAX SCAM!