Tell Big Tech: Stop Online Misogyny and Protect Democracy

Meta, which owns Facebook and Instagram, claims that political candidates should be exempt from the rules everyone else has to follow because candidates like Trump are public figures running for office.But really, Meta and other social media platforms are motivated by how their bottom lines swell when they profit off of hate, misogyny, racism, and disinformation. That means that Facebook and Instagram can use this loophole to exempt Trump from rules everyone else has to follow. It means they could let him back on the platform after banning him and that they are already planning to exempt him from fact-checking. We can’t let Facebook get away with this. It doesn’t take an expert to know that Donald Trump has continued to use his public appearances to spread disinformation about elections and threats of violence, and he’d continue doing the same thing on sites like Facebook.Add your name to the petition now if you agree that Meta, which owns Facebook and Instagram, should not exempt political candidates from rules like fact-checking under any circumstances.