Follow Up: Emergency Protest in Defense of Mueller Investigation on Nov. 8

Contact Your Members of Congress!

Our  Senators, Richard Burr and Thom Tillis and Reps, Mark Meadows and Patrick McHenry need to hear from all of us. They need to hear that we expect them to prevent an obstruction of justice by President Trump in the Mueller investigation.

  • Trump’s new handpicked Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker cannot oversee the Mueller Whitaker is in no position to oversee this important investigation and must immediately recuse himself and promise not to interfere with Mueller’s investigation.
  • Congress must immediately pass legislation to protect Special Counsel Mueller. It’s already passed the Senate Judiciary Committee on a bipartisan vote and it’s been introduced in the House.The Special Council Independence Act. Senate: S.2664 House H.R5476 It needs to happen now.
  • Congress must immediately investigate any and all efforts to obstruct justice and abuse Congress must uphold its constitutional obligation to do its job and hold power accountable.

Call or Text

Senator Burr 202-224-3154 Senator Tillis 202-224-6342
Rep McHenry 202-225-2576 Rep Meadows 202-225-6401


1. Just send a text message to 50409, Message: RESIST

2. You’ll receive instructions to send your name and address in order to identify your members of congress.

3. Following the instructions, type your message, and finish with a separate message: Done