Join the ‘Freedom to Vote’ Week of Action

Every day this week we’ll take some action to support the Freedom to Vote Act and call attention to the urgency of getting it passed when the Senate returns from recess.


WHAT: Any or all of these tactics will make a difference. Most only take a few minutes. So do what you can – something every day, if possible!

  1. Post on social media. Download graphics and find sample posts under each of the 5 topics we’re highlighting from the Freedom to Vote Act.
  2. Call and write to Senators Tillis & Burr.
  3. Sign this petition to the U.S. Senate, to eliminate the filibuster in order to protect our freedom to vote.
  4. Sign this petition to President Biden or send him an email, asking him to lead the way for voting rights by asking the Senate to change the filibuster and pass the Freedom to Vote Act.
  5. Write a letter to the editor (LTE), stating why it’s important for the Senate to pass the Freedom to Vote Act now, and pointing out Burr’s and Tillis’s opposition to voting rights and democracy reforms hurts the whole country. Check out our “How to Write a Letter to the Editor” tip sheet and list of local publications and submission guidelines. Or use this customizable template that will automatically submit your LTE to your local papers.

HOW: To make it easy, we’ve created individual daily actions focused on different key elements of the Freedom to Vote Act.

If you can, try a different action each day. Or use the same tactic – for example, posting on social media, or writing to your senators – but each day focus on a different key element of the Freedom to Vote Act.

Whatever you can do, do it! Help us spread the word. Keep up the pressure. Speak out about how important this bill is and why it should be the law of the land.