Countdown Tip Week 1: Last Chance to Vote Early & Help Get Out the Vote

Vote Early, Vote Early, Vote Early!!
If you haven’t already voted, DO IT NOW. Early voting ends this Saturday, November 5, at 3 p.m. You can register at the same time, at any of the Early Voting locations. Here are the Early Voting sites, days, and times for Buncombe County. Early Voting Countdown Tip Week 3 provides everything you need to know.

Check Your Registration and Election Day Polling Place
Check your voter registration through the NC Voter Search page to make sure you are “active” and registered under your current name and address. Upon clicking the Search button at the bottom of that form, registered voters will find that their name is a link to additional voting information including their Election Day polling place and sample ballot.

If you are not registered at your current address, you can still do so until Saturday, November 5 at any Early Voting location — and you’ve already gotten through the line, so you might as well vote, too.

Print Your Sample Ballot and Pick Your Candidates
Print out and mark up your sample ballot, and remember you can carry it into the voting booth with you. Find your sample ballot here if you are registered, or here if you are not.

Learn About Your Candidates:
You may be tempted to vote for the two federal offices at the top of the ballot, and maybe choose state senate, state house, and NC supreme court candidates — and then call it a day. DON’T STOP THERE. The religious right started their campaign to control government decades ago, and they started with school boards, county commissions, and city councils. To protect our freedoms and core democratic values, we have to pay close attention to those offices.

  • Click here for Indivisible AVL’s recommendations for the all-important school board races and to see the Sierra Club’s endorsements for Buncombe County Soil & Water Conservation District Supervisor.

If you’re still undecided about any of the other races, these three organizations have posed different sets of probing questions to candidates:

  • The League of Women Voters offers Vote411 for the latest information on candidates for the midterm elections.
  • Carolina Jews for Justice created this Candidate Guide for those running for the NC General Assembly in WNC and US House District

Common Cause NC has created this Voter Guide for your consideration.

Encourage and Support Others to Vote in 2022
Every vote counts. The President’s party almost always suffers in midterm elections, and that would be catastrophic for the future of American democracy and a whole lot more. Here’s what you can do to help make sure that doesn’t happen:

  • Share this post with others.
  • Phone bank through Carolina Jews for Justice, the Unitarian Universalists Justice Ministry NC and the New NC Project Foundation weekly on Thursday evening, November 3.  Register here.
  • Register here to phone bank for key races nationwide with the Center for Common Ground.

Blue Unity 2022 offers several opportunities: answering a voter protection hotline, canvassing, and phone banking — including a Zoom phone banking session on November 2 for the LGBTQ+ Community. Use the easy map and filters or the search box on Blue Unity’s website to find a volunteer activity that works for you.