Protect Our Local Government’s Authority to Limit Fossil Fuels

A Senate committee has approved a gas industry bill to limit local government efforts on building electrification (H220, “Choice of Energy”). They even added a new, unrelated section to the bill that would restrict access to certain public records, which makes a bad bill even worse.

H 220 would force North Carolina’s cities and counties to use fracked gas in new buildings in their jurisdictions. This is at the urging of the fracked gas industry, which wants to protect itself as clean energy gains ground.

If buildings get their power from electricity-generating utilities, it will be easier to provide that power from renewable sources such as solar and wind. But this bill would block local governments from requiring electric hookups instead of fracked gas.

Contact your state senator NOW and tell them to vote NO on H220:

NC Sen. Julie Mayfield, District 49 (Buncombe County):, 919-715-3001

NC Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger:, 919-733-5708

And fill out this form from the Sierra Club to reach your reps in Raleigh.

Let’s keep our local governments free to move toward a clean energy future!


Image by Anita Stachurski from Pixabay