Sign Up Now to Protect the Results

The Protect the Results network is designed to be activated in cities and towns across the country IF Trump tries to claim victory or stop every vote from being counted. Knowing Trump, activation on Nov. 4 seems highly likely but is not guaranteed. To be notified, please sign up at We  will notify you by 1pm on Wednesday, Nov. 4 to let you know if the Wednesday event will take place.

The national coalition will let us know by 12 pm (noon) ET on Nov. 4 whether we’re activating that afternoon, and we will update everyone at that time. They might hold off on activation as they assess unfolding events, or they might not be activating at all because of a crushing Biden victory that Trump isn’t contesting. A “crushing Biden victory” means that the election results have been called by all major news outlets and are accepted by prominent Republicans.

Protect the Results is a national coalition of over 110 organizations, organized to lead coordinated protests across the country if and as needed. Learn more at