Election Countdown Week 1: Volunteer!

With only 8 days  left before Election Day, it’s time to pull out the stops.  If you haven’t voted already, find a convenient Early Voting place and do it now! Then use this week to volunteer and help get out the vote.

Week 1 Countdown Tip: Volunteer!

Here are a few ways to plug in during this final week:

WEEK 1  Outreach Tip: Help Others Get to the Polls

Make a list of acquaintances and casual contacts, then put them in order with who you think might be least likely to vote at the top. Pick the top 3 least likely to vote, then send them each a note or give them a call. Just ask if they’re planning to vote, and offer to share with them any of the info you’ve gathered so far: Registration Status and Sample Ballot, Early Voting Schedule, and #NixAllSix.

Remind people they can register or update their registration at one-stop voting, but only through the end of this week at an Early Voting location. On Election Day, voters have to already be registered at their current address.

Talk, listen, and find out who needs what kind of info or incentive to vote. Then offer to help.

Earlier Countdown Tips

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Week 2: #NixAllSix Learn about the proposed Constitutional Amendments and why it’s important to #NixAllSix

Week 3: Vote Early! Register or update your registration and vote at the same time at any of the 11 One-Stop Early Voting sites in Buncombe County.

Week 4: Review Your Sample Ballot Download the your sample ballot and get ready to vote!

Week 5: Check Your Registration Status & Polling Place Make sure your registration is current!