Sustain the NC Budget Veto!

GOP leaders in the NC Senate have said they intend to call a vote MONDAY NIGHT 10/28 at 7 p.m. to override the Governor’s budget veto.  Contact your State Senator NOW and tell them to sustain the veto and continue the fight for a better budget in Raleigh!

In Buncombe County contact Sen. Terry Van Duyn at (919) 715-3001, or email Outside Buncombe County, find your state senator at

What happens if the GOP is able to override Gov. Cooper’s veto on the state budget? There will be no Medicaid expansion. Our public school students will continue to get short-changed. Another corporate tax cut goes into effect.

The GOP will NOT have enough votes to override the veto if no Democrats vote for the override and if no more than one Democrat is absent from the vote.

And right now, THOSE ARE BIG “IFs.” There is no margin for rogue votes or more than one absence.

Sign this letter TODAY to thank Senate Dems for standing strong and to make sure they’re present Monday night to vote.