NC 4 VA Get Out The Vote

Join in this 4-day statewide action from IndivisibleNC, our network of Indivisible-affiliated groups in North Carolina, to help our neighbors in Virginia. From Saturday 10/28 through Tuesday 11/07, volunteers across the state will help out with Get Out The Vote (GOTV) phone-banking and text-banking.

IndivisiblesNC is working alongside Indivisible Guide, Democracy for America, and Move On, to help Get Out the Vote (GOTV) for the Virginia governor and state legislature elections happening on November 7, 2017.

Ready to get going? Sign up here:

Why do the VA elections matter to us in NC? Check out this video

We are asking folks to please give 2 hours of their time on 1 of these 6 days to do a shift of phonebanking or textbanking. Both work best if you have access to a computer or tablet plus your phone but you can do either with just your phone!

Your personal phone number WILL NOT be shared/displayed with the people you are contacting. Phonebanking happens via HubDialer and textbanking happens via Relay Text.

Brief trainings, troubleshooting, and IndivisiblesNC support folks will be available to help.

RSVP for your shift here and then go to to finish the sign-up process.