Election Countdown Week 2: #NixAllSix

Tick-tock. Only 15 more days until Election Day!

This week’s Countdown Tip: A quick and easy explanation of the harmless-sounding Constitutional Amendments appearing on our ballots–and the importance of voting NO on all six.

WEEK 2 Countdown Tip: Learn About the Constitutional Amendments & Why It’s Important to #NixAllSix

There’s a reason all five former NC governors and six former NC chief justices have publicly campaigned against two of the proposed constitutional amendments, and a reason many leaders in education, politics, business and advocacy across the state are opposing all six: The proposed amendments are, at best, unnecessary, and at worst, downright dangerous.

Read this explanation of the amendments by the nonpartisan nonprofit Democracy NC. For a quick rundown on each amendment—and a printout you can share—check out their “Flip Side” handout, showing the language on the ballot and, on the flip side, what each really means.

WEEK 2 Outreach Tip: Share the Facts to #NixAllSix

Download the “FlipSide” handout , showing exactly how the amendments appear on the ballot and, on the flip side, the actual harm each amendment would bring.

Print out at least a dozen copies of the “Flip Side” handout and share with everyone you see during the week.

Save the “Flip Side” link and email it to at least 5 people you know, encouraging them to read the fine print and #NixAllSix!

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