Update on #NixAllSix

This Election Day, six constitutional amendments proposed by the NC General Assembly (NCGA) will appear at the end of the ballot for everyone in North Carolina. Each one appears with a misleading name and description, with language set by current lawmakers, and we will be asked to vote FOR or AGAINST each amendment.

The amendments range from the unnecessary to the downright dangerous, which is why all five living North Carolina Governors and all six living N.C. Supreme Court Chief Justices — Republicans and Democrats — have opposed the amendments. Dozens of state and national experts and newspapers have already editorialized against them, and a grassroots movement is working across the state to defeat them.

If approved, these vague amendments would permanently change the N.C. Constitution, preventing future governors and legislatures from making changes alone. Current legislators would have a “blank check” to fill in the details of these constitutional changes after voters had voted.

We encourage everyone to #NixAllSix and vote AGAINST all of these amendments.

Learn more about these dishonest amendments—and see exactly how they will appear on the ballot—with this Fast Facts Chart from Democracy NC. (Tip: Download the Fast Facts Chart and share with friends, print out a few copies and take to work, and share the link with your connections on social media.)