Election Countdown Week 3: Vote Early

Only 23 days to go! Please add this week’s Countdown Tip and Outreach Tip  to your to-do list for the week. It’s a quick and easy way to make a difference in November.

WEEK 3 Countdown Tip: Take Advantage of Early Voting!

Early Voting starts this Wednesday, October 17, and runs through the Saturday morning before Election Day. Remember, you can register or update your registration AND vote at the same time, at any of the one-stop Early Voting sites. Here’s a downloadable Early Voting Schedule for Buncombe County, showing all the locations, dates, and hours. To find the Early Voting sites in other counties, use the one-stop site look-up tool on the NC Board of Elections website.

Among the many reasons to vote early, here are our top three: (1)  It’s CONVENIENT—Unlike voting on Election Day, you can vote at ANY of the early voting locations that are convenient for you. (2) It’s QUICK—No  waiting in lines along with everyone else who tried to squeeze it in during lunch break. Early voting locations are usually a quick in and out. (3) It’s SAFE—If  the car breaks down or your kid gets sick on Election Day, you don’t have to worry about making it to the polls.

Bonus reason: Voting early also leaves you free to volunteer on Election Day!  Think driving voters to the polls….serving as a poll watcher…..helping  your favorite candidate…..

WEEK 3 Outreach Tip: Share the Early Voting Schedule

Download the Buncombe County Early Voting Schedule and print out 7 copies. Every day this week, give someone an early voting schedule and encourage them to vote early. Do you know anyone who’s taking off on vacation before Election Day—or who might have something else that could make it hard to get to the polls? Reach out especially to those people.