100% Renewable Energy Plan for Buncombe County

Tuesday, October 17th, 5 pm, 200 College Street, Suite 326

At the Buncombe County Commissioners meeting next week Brownie Newman will be proposing that Buncombe County commit to the goal of utilizing 100%  renewable energy for its operations within 10 years. (See full proposal below.) 

Commissioner meetings are televised and can be seen online and on the County Government Channel 192.  The Board will hear general public comment at the beginning of the meeting during the designated public comment period.  Newman is asking that people make public comments in support at this time.

Resolution of Buncombe County’s commitment to 100 percent renewable energy

Whereas, in 2013, Buncombe County established a goal of reducing its carbon footprint by 80 percent, to be achieved at a rate of 2 percent per year until the goal is achieved; and

Whereas, greater utilization of renewable energy improves air quality and water quality, reduces emissions that harm public health, reduces dependence on foreign sources of energy and creates jobs; and

Whereas, climate change fueled by increasing global warming pollutants in the atmosphere increases the frequency and severity of extreme weather events, including hurricanes, heatwaves, droughts and associated wildfires and will inundate coastal communities through rising sea levels.

Whereas, there are many opportunities to save Buncombe County taxpayers money by improving the energy efficiency of county buildings and vehicle fleets; and Whereas, renewable energy resources options are increasingly abundant and affordable.

Now therefore, be it resolved by the Board of Commissioners for the County of Buncombe as follows:

1. Buncombe County commits to the goal of utilizing 100 percent renewable energy for its operations within 10 years. The goal is inclusive of energy used for its building facilities and vehicle fleet.

2. Renewable energy generation delivered onto the electrical grid may count, on a kWh or kWh-equivalent basis, towards the county’s goal. For example, the solar farm being planned on the county’s retired landfill may count towards the goal.

3. The county may contract to purchase or source renewable energy from utilities or other energy companies.

4. Buncombe County also commits to the goal of 100 percent renewable energy for the larger community and country within 25 years. Buncombe County recognizes the essential role of private sector innovation and entrepreneurship as well as state and national leadership to achieve this goal. Buncombe County will advocate for this goal and will seek partnerships and opportunities to achieve it in a cost-effective manner for citizens and rate-payers.

Adopted this 17th day of October, 2017