Election Countdown Week 4: Get Your Sample Ballot

Only 30 days to go! Please add this week’s Countdown Tip and Outreach Tip to your to-do list for the week. It’s a quick and easy way to make a difference in November.

WEEK 4 Countdown Tip: Review Your Sample Ballot

Get prepared! Voters anywhere in North Carolina can find their exact Sample Ballot through the “Voter Search” tool on the NC Board of Elections website. Fill out the short Voter Search form, click on your name in the search results, and scroll down for Sample Ballots. After clicking on the General Election ballot, you can view, download or print the exact form you will find at the polls.

WEEK 4 Outreach Tip: Share the Ballot with Your Neighbors

Print out a few extra copies of your Sample Ballot, and ask at least three of your neighbors if they’ve seen it yet. If not, give them one of your extras, and encourage them to review it ahead of time to get ready to vote. If it feels right, you might even chat about some of the choices on the ballot.