Join Our Relational Voter Program & Help Get Out The Vote!

Would you like to join Indivisible AVL’s Relational Voter Program (RVP)? RVP has been show to be 10x more effective than canvassing, and it increases voter turnout by up to 22%! How? By having real conversations with people we know.

For a good intro and training in the RVP program, start with this short (15-minute) RVP Training Video.


  1. Set up your MyRVP Account. Go to and click on “Talk To Friends & Family.”
  2. Then start making your list.This RVP List Building Worksheet is a good way to start brainstorming.
  3. Next, use the list-building tool in your MyRVP Account to enter your names and let the system start prioritizing your list. MyRVP checks your names against the publicly available data in the Voter Activation Network (or VAN), and ranks each name according to a projected likelihood to vote and likelihood to vote progressive. Since our goal is to get progressive voters to the polls, our top priority names will be those most likely to vote progressive but least likely to get to the polls. Names ranked on the other end of either of those variables will be ranked low on your list.
  4. Then, with your prioritized list in hand, start reaching out! Phone calls, email, in-person chats—whatever works for you.The key is to be genuine, transparent, and honest. Say you’re participating in this special outreach program because the election or certain issues are important to you, and ask if it’s okay to share some info. Then, simply listen and talk. Use this Conversation Starter Worksheet for tips on how to get started. Conversation Topic: For North Carolina voters, understanding what’s at stake in the proposed Constitutional Amendments is crucial. Use this Fast Facts Sheet from Democracy NC to talk about what these amendments mean. (For more background on the amendments, visit this “Talking About The Constitutional Amendments” page at
  5. Finally, make notes on your conversations in your MyRVP account. Although this step isn’t required, it helps NC Wins and America Votes, the non-partisan organizations using this voter engagement tool, understand what’s most effective in helping get voters to the polls.

That’s it! After you sign up and get started, we’ll check back in with you in about a week to see how things are going.

Meanwhile, if you have any questions or want more info on RVP, check out these Frequently Asked Questions or drop us a line at

Thanks for making a difference!