Election Countdown Week 5: Check Your Registration

We’ve got just five weeks before the election, and we all know the secret sauce: turnout. In these final days before the midterms, Indivisible AVL will be focusing on one thing each week we can all do to get ready and to help others get ready and commit to vote. So buckle up! Here we go:

WEEK 5 Countdown TipCheck Your Registration Status & Polling Place.

Believe it or not, we heard just this week of someone who checked her registration online and found out she had been purged. It’s easy to check: Go to the Voter Lookup on the NC State Board of Elections website and search for yourself. Click on your name in the Voter Search results and make sure your info is current.

If you’re not registered at your current address, go to the Buncombe County Board of Elections website and click on Register to Vote. Simply fill out the online registration form, print it out, sign, and mail it in. Just make sure your completed registration form is postmarked by Friday, October 12. If you need to register or update your registration after that, you’ll need to use in-person same-day registration during EARLY VOTING in order to vote in this election.

WEEK 5 Outreach Tip: Help Register Other Voters!

Pick up some registration forms from the Buncombe County Board of Elections (located at 77 McDowell Street in Asheville) between 8 and 5 Monday-Friday – or print out several on the Board of Elections website – and take some to work. Throughout the week, ask co-workers if they’ve checked their registration status. If they’re not sure, show them how! And if they’re not registered at their current address, give them a registration form and offer to help.

Do the same with neighbors, friends, and family members.

Remind everyone you talk with that they only have until Friday, October 12 to register or update their registration if they plan to vote on Election Day! After that, they can only register or update name or address at a one-stop Early Voting location.

Spread the word!