Uphold Budget Veto

Republicans in Raleigh are once again trying to ram through a budget which does not address the concerns of hard-working North Carolina families or our valued educators. In 2018 they lost their supermajority — and now instead of negotiating a budget that works for everyone, they are resorting to deceptive ambush votes to get their budget passed.

The Republican budget does not expand Medicaid or invest in our public schools and students. Instead, Republicans have slated even more tax cuts for big corporations — including a tax cut for a big tobacco company.

Email the NC Senate Democrats who have not publicly pledged to sustain the Governor’s veto today!

Governor Cooper rightly vetoed this budget. Even after the shameful ambush vote on 9/11, Senate Democrats can still sustain the veto. Right now, there are two Senate Democrats who have not yet publicly committed to voting to sustain the veto — and it is CRITICAL that the people of North Carolina urge these lawmakers to do what is right: Expand MedicaidFund our public schoolsNo more tax cuts for corporations.

CLICK HERE to send an email to these NC Dems and let them know you want them to sustain the Governor’s veto.

The current budget proposal does not value public schools, and it does nothing to improve health care for hard-working North Carolina families. But there is hope for a more reasonable budget that prioritizes the people instead of corporate profits. Lawmakers must know that you want a budget that puts the health and education of our citizens over the profits of corporations.

Contact these lawmakers today!

We need all hands on deck. The governor’s veto could be overridden by just TWO votes. So we must make sure that ALL of our legislators know where the people stand.

(From Eleanore Wood Digital Director, Progress NC Action)