A Key Turning Point in the Local Reparations Movement

News from our friends at the Racial Justice Coalition (RJC):

The RJC met an important goal earlier this month: over 2000 signers of their Reparations Are Due Pledge. Their goal was to spark conversations about the local reparations process and to lay the foundation for the success of that process, and they say they’ve made a great start but are committed to continuing to build momentum and support: Will you help the RJC build this movement by signing The Pledge yourself? You can read more about it and sign here.

The RJC also recently provided the following updates on their local reparations process:

  • They’ve created a new page on their website site for Reparations Are Due UpdatesThis page will feature the latest work of the Community Reparations Commission (CRC) and the latest progress on the Reparations Are Due campaign. The RJC plans to post new entries on the Updates page at least once a month, and more often when there is news to share.
  • The RJC is also inviting community members to take part in the next phase of the Reparations Are Due campaign. They’re launching a new initiative called Community Connectors to keep supporters updated on the reparations process. Community Connectors are folks who have signed The Pledge and connect with five other Pledge signers. As a Community Connector, you could choose to connect with folks you already know and/or let RJC choose your “circle” for you. Connectors will reach out every few weeks to each of the folks in their circle to give them brief updates on what’s happening in the reparations process. The RJC estimates that the ongoing work of being a Community Connector can take as little as 15-20 minutes a month. They will provide everything you need to make these connections, including regular RJC-hosted get-togethers for support.
  • If you’re interested in building a community of reparations supporters in our region, contact the RJC. They will hold their first Community Connector Orientation on Zoom on Thursday, September 28th, at 5 pm. You can sign up for this call here(And if you can’t make it to the 9/28 call, contact the RJC here.)

Even if you don’t have capacity to become a Community Connector, the RJC invites everyone to sign the pledge and stay up-to-date with Buncombe County’s local reparations process.