2022 Election Countdown

It’s only seven week’s before the election, and everywhere we turn we seem to be greeted with ominous news. Candidates for major races — including Ted Budd in North Carolina — are refusing to say they will accept election results. Election deniers are running as candidates in state and federal races. Ordinary citizens are saying they believe our president was not actually elected. All of this is enough to make you want to scream in disbelief ….. or run and hide, hoping it will all go away.

But as we all know, it won’t.

Not only will this threat not go away, but by all accounts it is actually growing more ominous.

The one thing we can do to counter it? VOTE. We can and must elect leaders at all levels of government who will respect the rule of law and support free and fair elections. And in order to make a difference, we must also help others do the same.

In the 2020 general election, nearly a fourth of all eligible voters in North Carolina didn’t vote — and that year’s turnout was unusually high. In the 2018 midterms, less than 53% of North Carolina voters turned out. (Source: NC State Board of Elections.) As we count down to this year’s critical election, we’ll be sharing plenty of opportunities to help bump those numbers up. Our “Let’s All Vote!” Voter Outreach activities are again focused on left-leaning sporadic voters here in Buncombe County, helping voters with the information and motivation they need to cast their ballots.

We’ll also be sharing Countdown Tips here each week, from now until the election. The Week 7 Countdown Tip is Sign Up to Be a Poll Worker.