Support Reproductive Rights for All

Texas has essentially banned all abortions, South Dakota is restricting medication abortions, and Oklahoma threatens medical providers with the loss of their licenses. And as this recent article in North Carolina Health News makes clear, North Carolina is not far behind. Most alarming, the Supreme Court will soon hear a challenge to a Mississippi ban, opening the door to the very real possibility of overturning Roe v. Wade.

While court battles play out, real peoples’ lives are being affected. If you are able, consider making a donation to one of these organizations to help people who are seeking, providing, and supporting abortion care:

  • Carolina Abortion Fund – CAF operates a confidential, toll-free helpline that provides financial, practical, and emotional support to callers in North and South Carolina trying to access abortion care.
  • TEA Fund – Texas Equal Access Fund provides funding to low-income people in the northern region of Texas who are seeking abortion and cannot afford it, while simultaneously working to end barriers to abortion access through community education and shifting the current culture toward reproductive justice.
  • Lillith Fund – The oldest abortion fund in Texas, serving the central and southern regions of the state with direct financial assistance for abortions.
  • Texas Abortion Funds (multiple groups) – Donations made here will be split evenly between Texas Equal Access Fund, Lillith Fund, and 8 other groups.
  • Planned Parenthood South Atlantic – Planned Parenthood S.A. provides a full range of reproductive and sexual healthcare services in 14 locations in NC, SC, VA, and WV.

October 2 Protests Nationwide

Saturday, October 2, is a coordinated day of protests against these attacks on our constitutionally guaranteed reproductive rights. Events will take place on that date in Washington DC and cities and towns all over the country. In our area, there are rallies and vigils supporting reproductive freedom in Asheville, Weaverville, and Hendersonville. October 2nd events elsewhere in the country can be found at