Stop the ACP at Asheville Department of Environmental Quality

Take Action to stop ACP at Asheville Department of Environmental Quality, Thursday September 14, 10 am.

Within the next two weeks NC Department of Environmental Quality must decide whether to grant a 401 water quality permit to the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. If DEQ decides the right thing, ACP will be dead in its tracks, at least for the time being.

We have a great opportunity right now to sway that decision.

You probably all know about the two week water only fast and witness which Greg Yost with others is doing at the NC DEQ headquarters in Raleigh. His message is: Fast to support DEQ: No Water Pollution Permit for the ACP.

On Thursday, September 14 at various DEQ offices around the state people are going to gather for a similar witness and rally. If enough people show up for an hour, word will get back to Raleigh and DEQ Secretary Regan, who must issue a decision on the 401 water quality permit for the ACP by September 19. Our presence at these offices could influence his and Governor Cooper’s decisions.

Here in Asheville Community Roots and Smokey Mountain Eco Defense, along with a number of other individuals, are planning to go the DEQ regional office in Swannanoa. Some of us will go at 7:30 am and be there when DEQ employees arrive for work. We will hold a larger rally at 10 am. Please plan to come.

You don’t need to be fasting to make this effective. Your presence will be sufficient. We will have some signs, and you can make others which say something like: “Rally to support DEQ: No Water Pollution Permit for the ACP. ” or “We are Here to Support DEQ to do the right thing: No Water Pollution Permit for ACP.” Or simply “Water is Life”

Here’s directions to the office:

Please let me know if you have questions. And please let your friends know about this.

Thanks very much. Steve Norris, 828-777-7816

Photo of action which Smokey Mountain Eco Defense organized at DEQ Swannanoa offices a few weeks ago.