End-of-Summer “Ice Cream for Democracy” Outreach Event

With a great turnout at two locations, Indivisible AVL wrapped up our “Ice Cream for Democracy” voter outreach events on Saturday, September 5th.

In partnership with Sweet Ride Asheville, we again brought free ice cream for kids and voting info for adults to neighbors in the Haw Creek community and to residents of Ledgewood Village in East Asheville.

In Haw Creek, the ice cream truck and informational tables were set up in the parking lot at RendezVous Restaurant, Asheville’s favorite source of French comfort food. A big thanks to RendezVous for allowing us to use the space! Volunteers strolled through Haw Creek neighborhoods with signs, encouraging passersby and neighbors to come on down to RendezVous, and handing out fliers with info on early voting and vote-by-mail.

The kids led a large turnout at Ledgewood Village, bringing out parents and families, including a lot of young adults who were registering for the first time. It was so exciting to see their interest and see so many young people getting ready to vote.

Another highlight at Ledgewood Village was helping a new American register to vote for the first time, an older woman who spoke little to no English. Her son helped her fill out the form, and we learned from him that she was from Eastern Europe (“Moldau,” he told us) and that she was now able to register and vote for the first time. When she signed her registration form and handed it over to us with a big beaming smile (after pocketing a “Let’s All Vote!” button), the proud look on her face made every minute of this work worthwhile. As we clapped for her, all the anxieties and fears about this election ceased, if only for a moment.

All in all, at the two stops we processed 10 new voter registrations, 12 absentee ballot request forms, and distributed info on early voting and absentee voting to about 40 people.

Thanks to all the wonderful volunteers who made this happen. YOU are making a difference in this critical election year. Every new registration, every absentee ballot request, every conversation with voters, all have the power to make a difference this year.

“Let’s All Vote!” volunteers, you rock!