We Got The Veto For SB747… Now Let’s Keep It

The NC House has passed the monster election bill (Senate Bill 747) that combines many anti-voter, anti-democracy bills, reversing years of election law in our state.

On August 24th, Gov. Cooper officially vetoed the bill. Now it heads back to the legislature, where the extremist Republican majority is gearing up to override the Governor’s veto.

Tell Your Legislators NO to SB 747!

Contact your state Senator and House Rep and remind them that you OPPOSE this harmful anti-voter legislation and that you want them to UPHOLD the Governor’s veto of SB 747 and his promised veto of SB 749.

Note: If you live in the eastern half of Buncombe County, in Sen. Warren Daniel’s District 46, remember that Warren Daniel co-sponsored both SB 747 and SB 749. It’s crucial that he hear from his own constituents. For sample messaging to Sen. Daniel, see our earlier Action Alert “Stop NC Anti-Voter Extremist Bill SB747.”

How to Write & Call

In Buncombe County, your state Senate district is either 49 or 46:

…and your state House rep is one of the following:

Find your state legislators here.

More Info

This bill is part of a larger national strategy to attack North Carolinians’ freedom to vote. In fact, it was drafted with input from political agents from outside NC – the same people who tried to overturn the will of the voters and throw out the results of the 2020 presidential election.

To learn more, listen to Gov. Cooper’s video statement on why he vetoed this dangerous bill, and check out this special edition video 5 Things to Know About This Week In NC Politics from Common Cause NC.

Tell state lawmakers to sustain Gov. Cooper’s veto and stop this attack on voter freedoms and access to the ballot!