Tell Gov. Cooper to VETO harmful monster election bill

The bad news: the NC House has passed the monster election bill (Senate Bill 747), which combines virtually every piece of anti-voter legislation proposed throughout 2023 and reverses years of election law in North Carolina.

The good news: this fight isn’t over yet. While Governor Cooper is sure to veto this devastating piece of legislation, he and members of our legislature need to hear you loud and clear.  Can you contact Gov. Cooper and ask him to VETO the anti-democracy election bill?

Here’s what S747 could do in one fell swoop:

  • Attack absentee voting by removing the 3-day grace period for postmarked ballots, shortening the window when absentee ballots can be returned to their respective county boards of elections. It would also provide greater access to challenge absentee ballots, despite already having Voter ID and two-witness signature requirements to vote by mail.
  • Prohibit the Boards of Elections from accepting vital grant funds – which help fill gaps for County Boards of Elections – creating financial challenges for local administrations in already under-resourced communities. Not to mention that the projected cost of this bill is $6 million, funding that has still not been allocated to the State Board of Elections. $1.9 million of these funds would be needed to implement a signature verification pilot program in 10 counties in the 2024 Primary Election.
  • Codify a law that would lead to names of individuals disqualified from jury duty due to lack of citizenship being flagged for removal from the NC State Board of Elections’ list of registered voters, including legitimate, naturalized voters.
  • Grants partisan poll observers greater access to voting enclosures, in spite of reports from Election Administrators that current law is already too relaxed and has led to intimidation and harassment of both voters and poll workers.

Tell Gov. Cooper to VETO this dangerous bill.