Save the Collier Wood

Sign this petition from the South Slope Preservation Coalition asking the Asheville City Council to help preserve the Collier Avenue wood, along with as many trees as possible in the proposed Coxe/Asheland development. The owner of both areas is proposing to build 5 massive structures on the lower end of Coxe and Asheland Avenues, as well as another apartment complex at 11 Collier Street, on property now occupied by a small but significant stand of two dozen hundred-year-old native oaks. The developer’s plans are currently undergoing the City review process. While the Coxe/Asheland development requires City Council approval, the Collier Avenue building plans do not, meaning that the Collier plans will get approved if they are in compliance with existing ordinances which currently do not prevent the removal of trees. This petition is asking City Council NOT to approve the Coxe/Asheland development unless the 11 Collier Avenue wood is saved.

So please sign and share this petition with family, neighbors, colleagues and friends:

The more signatures the petition receives, the more significant its impact.