Protect the Post Office, Protect Our Vote!

The president’s current attack on the Post Office is a blatant attack on our vote. When the House passed the HEROES Act in May to provide the next round of pandemic assistance, it included $25 million to fund the USPS. All Mitch McConnell has to do is put in on the Senate floor, but he has refused. What are Senators Tillis and Burr doing about that?

Our NC senators have repeatedly taken the side of an impeached president against the rule of law and our democracy. Whose side will they take now?

Thom Tillis’s own seat is at stake in less than 80 days, and many voters in WNC will depend on the postal service for absentee voting.

When our senators refused to hold an impeached president accountable, that was appalling. If they collude in an open attack on voting before upcoming elections, in the middle of a pandemic, that is something even their contorted excuses can never explain away. Enough of their Republican colleagues publicly support funding the postal service, so now’s the time to demand that they too take a stand.

Call and email Senators Burr and Tillis now and demand that they protect the post office and protect our vote.

Sen. Thom Tillis — (202) 224-6342

Sen. Richard Burr — (202) 224-3154