Stop Sneaky Anti-Voter Provisions in SB 105

NC Lawmakers have snuck anti-voter provisions into this year’s state budget. Many were written earlier as standalone anti-voter bills that faced opposition all year, but because of pressure from thousands of advocates, they failed to gain traction. Our legislators are hoping they can quietly pass them into law via this 427-page bill.  You can read SB 105 here.

SB 105 has provisions that:

  • Make it harder for the NC State Board of Elections and the Attorney General to settle lawsuits. The NC Speaker of the House and Senate Pro Temp will be allowed to intervene any time the government is involved in a lawsuit. This will strip power from the State entities that are most responsive to voters.
  • Dedicate $5 million towards putting a racist voter ID law into action that is currently being challenged in court. This will cause voter confusion and wasting taxpayer dollars on a program that we don’t need, while other programs are desperate for funding.

Our state budget should be used to address critical issues affecting North Carolina communities across our state including healthcare, infrastructure, and racial equity; not to fund anti-voter barriers.

Email your Buncombe County State Senator Julie Mayfield at and demand she vote “No” on SB 105.

If you’re outside Buncombe County, find your senator here.

Take Action Now and send an immediate message to your NC Senator and demand they vote “NO” on this version of SB 105.