Photo of U.S. Rep. Mark Meadows of NC Congressional District 11

Rep. Mark Meadows Town Hall. Be there.

Rep. Mark Meadows will be holding an NC-11 district Town Hall next Monday, August 7th at Blue Ridge Community College in Flat Rock. Let’s make sure he gets an earful about what’s happening in Washington. This will be a golden opportunity to ask him face to face about his agenda and let him know how you think he’s doing representing you.

As Chairman of the Freedom Caucus, Meadows has signaled that the fight to repeal the ACA is still a top priority. The group’s agenda is considered the farthest right of any in the GOP.  As they demonstrated in their Congressional vote against Trumpcare, they believe their mandate is to block legislation that is deemed insufficiently conservative. They’re currently working to get rid of the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, and they were instrumental in Trump’s attempt at banning transgender military personnel. The caucus has withheld support for budgets they found spent too much money and called for tighter restrictions on immigration and refugees. They’ve gone all in on defunding Planned Parenthood. And since flexing their muscles in the healthcare fight and essentially sinking it in the house because it didn’t go far enough, they’re now dead set on pushing their version of tax reform.

Show up!  We need to let Meadows see the faces of his constituents and hear our concerns. Speak out!


Town Hall Aug. 7th from 6 to 8 p.m at Blue Ridge Community College,  in the Bo Thomas Auditorium, 180 W. Campus Drive, Flat Rock. Directions here.

This is from the Buncombe GOP site, just FYI:

One of the BCGOP’s partners in good governance – FreedomWorks is holding a complimentary dinner and sign making effort before the event – 3:00 PM at the Golden Corral location at 2530 Chimney Rock Rd, Hendersonville, NC 28792. Please join them!

These good folks also wish to pass on some other information that may be of help to attendees –

  1. If you want to be part of the town hall, please get there at 4PM.
  2. Expect to go through airport like security measures: searched, no liquids, guns, knives, mace, etc.  No signs beyond the door.
  3. Brand-X is gearing up to have a large presence – your participation is important to countering their antagonistic voice.
  4. We need sign wavers:  There will be a designated area outside of the auditorium.  There is a good likelihood that those who help in this way may not get into the auditorium.
  5. Seating is limited to 400.
  6. If you have questions,  please call Jane at 828 692 3117.