Final Push for Democracy Reform

The week of July 26-30 marks the last real chance for getting the For The People Act passed this year. The states need time to implement the voting rights and democracy reforms included in the bill, and the requirements for fair maps need to be in place before the redistricting process gets underway in all the states this fall. So it’s urgent that everyone take take action now.

1. SIGN THIS: Read and sign this petition from Common Cause and tell the Senate: No vacation while democracy is in crisis!

2. SEND MORE CARDS: Continue with these follow-up actions on our website, where you can download pre-addressed, pre-filled postcards. Then share this link with 3 friends:

3. KEEP CALLING: Senators Tillis and Burr need to keep hearing from us every day. It might feel odd to keep calling over and over, but remember that your second and third (and tenth and fifteenth) calls are just as important as the first one. Staffers record every comment on legislation from constituents. State your name and where you live, and give one strong reason why they should vote YES on the For The People Act. (Tip: Think of one of the key provisions in the bill, such as voting rights, fair maps, etc., and say something about why that’s important to you.)

  • Sen. Thom Tillis – Email & call (202) 224-6342
  • Sen. Richard Burr – Email & call (202) 224-3154

4. WRITE A LETTER TO THE EDITOR: If our senators are willing to oppose voting protections and democracy reforms in the face of overt attempts by 48 states to interfere with elections and obstruct voting rights,* they need to be publicly shamed. Published letters to the editor from constituents send powerful messages to our senators and affect public opinion. To get started, check out our For The People Act tip sheet and review the letter-writing guidelines here.

* The number and scope of recent attempts are shocking – and many have been passed into law. See the most recent Voting Laws Roundup and this explainer on the newly passed NC voting restictions from the Brennan Center.