Take Action On the “Revoke Consent for Intercourse” bill

Stop legal rape! In 1977, the NC Supreme Court ruled that once intercourse has started, a woman may not revoke consent, stating, “If the actual penetration is accomplished with the woman’s consent, the accused is not guilty of rape, although he may be guilty of another crime because of his subsequent actions.”  The rule has remained ever since. This denies women who’ve been raped of access to justice. NC is the only state in the country with this law.

Senator Jeff Jackson has been trying to remedy this. But his “Revoke Consent for Intercourse” bill (NC Senate bill 553) is stuck in the Senate Rules Committee.  We will be writing and calling these senators who have the power to push Senate Bill 553 through the Committee to make it clear that this bill NEEDS to move forward.  (Above is the bill in its entirety.)

We need to let the entire NC General Assembly know that the current ruling is unjust. Call and write the senators who have the power to push Senate Bill 553 through the Committee and make it clear that this bill NEEDS to move on for a vote. The following Senators are on the Rules Committee: Chairman Sen. Bill Rabon,  Members: Sen. Chad BarefootSen. Dan BlueSen. Harry BrownSen. Ben ClarkSen. Warren DanielSen. Joel D. M. FordSen. Kathy HarringtonSen. Ralph HiseSen. Brent JacksonSen. Michael V. LeeSen. Paul A. Lowe, Jr.Sen. Floyd B. McKissick, Jr.Sen. Wesley MeredithSen. Louis PateSen. Shirley B. RandlemanSen. Jerry W. TillmanSen. Tommy TuckerSen. Terry Van DuynSen. Trudy Wade

Here are their phone #s:

Chairman Bill Rabon (R) 919-733-5963, Senator Chad Barefoot (R) 919-715-3036, Senator Dan Blue (D) 919-733-5752, Senator Andrew Brock (R) 919-715-0690, Senator Harry Brown (R) 919-715-3034, Senator Ben Clark (D)  919-733-9349, Senator Warren Daniel (R) 919-715-7823, Senator Joel D.M. Ford (D) r919-733-5955, Senator Kathy Harrington (R) 919-733-5734, Senator Ralph Hise (R) 919-733-3460, Senator Brent Jackson (R)   919-733-5705, Senator Michel V. Lee (R)  919-715-2525, Senator Paul A. Lowe (D)  919-733-5620, Senator Floyd B. Mckissick Jr (D)  919-733-4599, Senator Wesley Meredith (R)  919-733-5776, Senator Louis Pate (R) 919-733-5621, Senator Shirley B. Randleman (R) 919-733-5743, Senator Jerry W. Tillman (R)  919-733-5870, Senator Tommy Tucker (R)  919-733-7659, Senator Terry Van Duyn (D)  919-715-3001, and finally Senator Trudy Wade (R) 919-733-5856.

For a bit more about this horrendous law that must be overturned read this:

This North Carolina Law Is Straight Out of “The Handmaid’s Tale”: Women cannot legally rescind consent during sex.

The July 26th Beer & Politics  @ The Block will be devoted to the “Revoke Consent for Intercourse” bill (NC Senate bill 553).  Join us to write cards and letters to the NC General Assembly. Or write your own and call your representatives.  Just do something!