Call To Action: Reparations Executive Order

The City of Asheville and Buncombe County Community Reparations Commission (CRC) is doing groundbreaking work. Asheville has marked history as one of few cities in the nation to commit to the reparations process. The CRC has been a guiding star and an example for other communities that this work is not only possible, but the rightful inheritance of Black people – here and across the country.

The movement for local reparations is part of a larger movement for reparations on a national and international scale, and there is an important step you can take to speak out for reparations for all Black Americans – emailing President Joe Biden and urging him to use his executive order powers to appoint a federal commission to study reparations. Join us in taking this important step, offered by the organization Human Rights Watch and endorsed by longtime national reparations advocates, by clicking here.

This is why the strategic focus has shifted for now from the legislative to the executive branch of our government. It’s time for President Biden to move this process forward by Executive Order.

To add your voice to the many calling for immediate action,
go to ReparationsNow.