They’re Coming For Your Internet!

July 12th is an Internet-Wide Day Of Action To Save Net Neutrality.

Websites, Internet users, and online communities will come together to sound the alarm about the FCC’s attack on an uncensored and open Internet. In coordination with Battle for the Internet, we are encouraging everyone to display a prominent alert on their homepage that shows the world what the web will look like without net neutrality. This link will take you to a wide variety of images, alerts, push notifications, and other graphics you can use to join the fight.

Not sure what Net Neutrality is and why it is important? This short video explains it.


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And what can you do to join the fight?

We have until August 17th to convince the FCC to leave Net Neutrality in place. So do as many of the following as possible:




  • Register your comments on the FCC website at – Click  on the “+ Express” link on right for the comment form.
  • Use John Oliver’s easy-to-remember redirect——and share with your friends: It goes straight to the FCC comment section above.
  • Call the FCC: 888-225-5322
  • Write to FCC Chair Ajit Pai. FCC, 445 12th Street SW, Washington, DC 20554
  • Email Pai –
  • Write and call your senators and representative.
  • Change your avatar to the spinning wheel of death. (Graphics free @
  • Post some Battle for the Internet graphics on all your social media.
  • Share our video.
  • Share this action with everyone you know, especially Internet/social media savvy folks, and friends with big followings.

We are all in this together. Save the Internet as we know it!

Here are some talking points to get you started.

Keeping Net Neutrality intact has bipartisan support. “A new survey from Mozilla and IPSOS once again highlights this cap between reality and common media and policy wisdom. The survey found, unsurprisingly, that over three quarters of Americans (76%) support net neutrality. When it comes to the supposed ‘partisan division,’ the survey also found that 81% of Democrats and 73% of Republicans are in favor of it.” Link to article 

Axing it will stifle small business and innovation. “ISPs could charge extra fees to the few content companies that could afford to pay for preferential treatment — relegating everyone else to a slower tier of service. They’d be able to block websites or content they don’t like or applications that compete with their own offerings.” Link

Without it big corporations will be able to censor the Internet. “They’d be able to decide who is heard and who isn’t. An ISP could slow down its competitors’ content or block political opinions it disagreed with. Without Net Neutrality, how would activists be able to fight against oppression? What would happen to social movements like the Movement for Black Lives? How would the next disruptive technology, business or company emerge if Internet service providers only let incumbents succeed?” Link

Without Net Neutrality we will all pay more to access information. “No matter who the ISPs hold up for more money, it’s all going to come back to their customers who’ll have to pay more to somebody in order to gain access to content.

“Hulu might cut an exclusive deal with Comcast while Netflix inked one with Verizon, meaning no one could get access to both. Hope you like whichever service it struck a deal with, because that’s all you’ll be able to legally get. Internet providers could also squeeze websites, instead of consumers directly. Verizon could start a bidding war for streaming video services, for instance. Since YouTube is owned by Google and has a lot more money than Vimeo, YouTube could pay Verizon for faster or even exclusive service. YouTube would have an effective monopoly on streaming video for Verizon companies.” Link

There are links to lot more info on our page: